Covid-19 Mass Attendance Protocols

What to Expect When You Come to Church

Please arrive together as a family at least 15 minutes prior to the Mass time for a screening process. 

  1. Are you currently positive for COVID-19 or awaiting results of a laboratory test for COVID-19?
  2. In the last 14 days have you had contact with someone who currently has COVID-19?
  3. Have you traveled outside of Canada in the past 14 days?
  4. Are you experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms? (fever, cough, shortness of breath, undue fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle aching, running nose, chills involving shakes, loss of taste or smell, feeling ill)

If you answer “YES” to any of these questions you will be asked to attend Mass on Zoom and we look forward to seeing you  after an appropriate self-isolation period, following Public Health guidelines. 

Following a successful screening you will be asked to use the provided hand sanitizer.

During the screening process please maintain physical distancing protocols and try not to congregate inside the entrance of the church.

While at Mass please adhere to the following protocols:

  1. Everyone MUST wear a mask at all times while in the church. Children under 5 are not required to have a mask but it is recommended. 
  2. Please ensure physical distancing protocols are adhered to (6 feet or 2 metres).
  3. The priest may require that those seeking an exemption from wearing a mask bring evidence provided by a medical professional. It is asked that those seeking an exemption sit in a designated area and that masks be worn in order to receive Communion.
  4. You must enter the church by the front entrance on Edwin Street. Doors from the parking lot and Leonard Street will remain locked.
  5. Washrooms are to be used only in emergencies.
  6. Please avoid touching your face or other persons.
  7. Please be patient and kind. 

Reception of Holy Communion Mask Protocol

A mask is to be worn by all parishioners when receiving the Sacred Host from the priest or Extraordinary Minister of Communion. After stepping aside (six feet) they are to remove their mask, momentarily, to consume the Eucharist. They are to then replace their mask and return to their seat. At this time Communion may only be received in the hand.